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These are links that have appeared on the main page in either the current issue or during a past issue, if you have a link of a page that you'd like to see featured on the front page of Positive Transitions please take a moment of your time and make a contribution and let us know about the link using our Feedback Form.

bulletAids Housing of Washington
bulletThis is where you can find valuable information about your states HOPWA (Housing Opportunities For Persons with Aids) information and keep abreast of different changes going on with your local HUD area offices. Its reading is suggested, especially if you intend to apply for HOPWA.


bullet American Medical Association - Index Code of Medical Ethics
bulletThe American Medical Association Code of Ethics, this is a comprehensive list of the codes of ethics for all Medical personal, it is good to know what your doctor should and shouldn't be doing and whether or not she/he is acting ethically in his/her own field. The site is a little tricky but once you get the hang of it, the information there is extremely powerful.


bulletAidsInfo -HIV/AIDS Information
bulletThis site is sponsored by the US Department of Health and Human Services the information listed on the site gives you information about drugs, treatments, clinical trials, treatment guidelines, vaccines. A wealth of information is listed at this site.


bullet Living with AIDS FAQ's
bulletThis site is funded and written by Dr Roger Spitzer MD, and is a list of frequently asked questions about being recently infected with HIV it lists links to other HIV sites, it's worth taking a look.


bulletAids Project Florida formerly Community Health Care/Center One, Inc.
bulletThis is where I currently have all of my personal medical, case management and other care coordinated out of it's website is more informational about the services they offer to their clients and this is a wonderful place to be treated if your a resident of Broward County, have been infected with HIV/AIDS and want quality treatment. To date I'm extremely satisfied with the doctors that are part of the medical staff, the staff itself and all areas of APFL.


bulletThe Center for Positive Connections
bulletI first heard of Positive Connections in a Support Group when I was first diagnosed and the people who spoke of the group mainly made it sound to sort of like a dating service for positive minded people, after reviewing their site they do offer some services, however they are geared towards heterosexual individuals and seems more social however they do offer various other types of services and resources, located in North Miami it's worth looking at just for the resources alone.


bulletThe Body: HIV/AIDS Policy & Activism
bulletIf you've noticed I'd added a couple of "The Body" links to this page, this site is very comprehensive and offers an enormous amount of information. This particular link is for HIV/AIDS policy and activism, it lets you know where and how you can get in involved with CTA (Calls To Action) and how you can actually advocate to make change in current policy.


bulletPoverello Food Bank & Thrift Store
bulletThis is a wonderful resource for people living in Broward County, currently poverello (despite the fact that it looks as though their website hasn't been updated in years, is still in service, they still fund/provide clients with meals, clothing vouchers, a gym to work out in free of charge, access to a Nutrionalist and various other services. I think maybe I will volunteer to do something with their website, in exchange for a place to hold my support group meetings if they can provide me with a space. Just a thought will still have to kick this around for a little while.


bulletThis site is comprehensive with the knowledge and information they bring to their site, it's laid out in a user-friendly format and gives information on drugs, therapies, they have a forum area where you can get answers from professionals in the HIV & Medical fields. They also have a Drug Interaction checker where you can enter your meds for possible interactions with other drugs/foods. It's resources are valuable.


bulletThe Body: Ask The Experts
bulletThe body's experts host different threads of discussions and answer them through a newsletter, the posts are informative, sometimes a little witty (in reference to replys left by Dr Bob), and there is a wealth of information that you can achieve by reading these forums and participating. Everything from Disclosure to Magnetic Couples there is a wealth of information and it's Suggested reading oh yeah and sign up for the free newsletter!


bulletThe Body: Community Center
bulletThe Body's Community Center a place where you can reach out and get to know other like minded individuals where you can share and support each other through a forum based system. Excellent reading information here at this site.


bulletAidsMap: Information on HIV and AIDS
bulletExcellent site with a great deal of information on HIV and AIDS, News Articles, Treatment, Prevention, a great  site if your looking to research and have questions about HIV or AIDS. The site is laid out in a format that is easy to understand and follow.



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