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Any amount of donation you might be able to afford would be greatly appreciated.

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Positive Transitions
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Site last updated on 07/22/05

This site provides News, Information, and Support so that those who are HIV+ can maintain a positive attitude and outlook on life.

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Positive Transitions gets a new home

 I'd like to take this time and space to thank one of members who has browsed the site, Ms Patricia Sue Martin who graciously has donated the registering of our domain name for a period of 10 years, which means that as soon as I'm able to get either get some cash of my own, or get a few more donations. I will be finding a web-host to host our domain, Soon this site will move to

I STRESS once again that I would love to HAVE SOME PEOPLE CONTRIBUTE STORIES OR WRITING TO BE SUBMITTED TO THE SITE FOR PUBLICATION, regardless of what it is, if you submit it I will get it posted. Whether it be a personal story about your diagnosis, a poem, words of inspiration, advice for those less knowledgeable about HIV, information about home remedies, recipes whatever it is that you'd like to contribute it would be greatly appreciated. NO HTML EXPERIENCE required, simply use the feedback form and I'll get it up on the site. If you have any questions you can always send me an email.

You may be wondering exactly what this site is all about, what purpose it serves and why you should get involved. POSITIVE TRANSITIONS will eventually become a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION that will offer support to individuals who seek it, besides creating a local support group in the South Florida area, Positive Transitions will offer Support Services via the Internet.   

Besides providing support online, the major adjective is to create an environment that can help people achieve a positive outlook and attitude towards HIV. Being Diagnosed with HIV is not an easy road to travel, there are many bumps in the road. Plenty of bring you down. There is a huge stigma attached to the disease and for many when they find out they have tested positive for the HIV antibodies they sink into a shell, they feel dirty because all of the sudden they have acquired a virus that is associated with bad moral judgment and they feel its a reflection of their character. Often times they feel and ARE judged by those who are HIV-.

Being HIV+ presents many obstacles and can be difficult and demanding especially when you first find out that you have tested positive, for most people I've met, including myself find out after their immune system has already been dramatically compromised. Getting started on HAART (High Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy) can be extremely challenging and difficult in and of itself. The medications create numerous side effects and although the medication can and will deter the progression of the disease, there are so many other risk factors involved, many of the meds can cause liver damage, rise cholesterol. If you use this site frequently you will get the latest news articles about the virus, the latest breakthroughs, prevention news, etc, in additional to finding the positive support we all need through-out our daily battles with this virus. They say the mind is one of the most powerful parts of the human body. People have used mind over matter in healing themselves for decades. The principle is very simple, if you constantly tell yourself something over and over it is almost as if you can create your own future because eventually you no longer have to tell yourself it just becomes routine, natural, second nature, and when it comes to goals you'll successfully achieve them. Hopefully you will come away from this site feeling better about who and what you are, and represent. There is NO DOUBT in my mind that achieving and maintaining a positive attitude and outlook about this virus will help anyone who is HIV+ with two of the most important goals concerning your health, which is to raise CD4 counts and decrease viral load counts.


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A Donation in the form of any amount would be greatly appreciated

A Donation in the form of any amount would be greatly appreciated




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